The MR Story

MR Building Design is a company founded by two driven designers who share a strong passion for architectural design and construction.

With over 20 years of combined industry experience MR Designs is a team of dedicated building design professionals who service a client base of builders, developers, architects and homeowners. We work closely with builders, structural engineers, town planners and certification companies to provide a full package service.

Our services include design and drafting of new homes, extensions, renovations, multi-residential and commercial developments. We are a registered Building Practitioner through QBCC and are insured for Public Liability and Public Indemnity.

Embarking on the journey to build, renovate or extend your home can be one of the most fulfilling experiences you can have as a homeowner and we are here to assist you through that journey. Our philosophy is to be organised around each client relationship. The client’s needs, expectations and strategy provides the context for each project we will carry out together. We believe that exceptional design will lead to stunning spaces to suit the clients’ needs.



Building Designer | Partner | BArch

Michael is a founding Partner of MR Building Design. Having graduated QUT in 2012, he has extensive experience across a broad range of projects, with his early years focused on both residential and commercial. Today, Michael focuses on his passion in residential designs, such as new homes and Queenslander renovations, in addition to his expert knowledge of commercial and educational fit out projects.

Michael’s passion for architecture began from a young age. He often found himself on construction sites as his parents always built their own homes, which lead to Michael developing a passion for design and architecture. Michael says one of the most rewarding aspects of being a building designer, is seeing the end result. Standing in front of a home that you designed is extremely satisfying, but watching clients’ faces as their dreams are made into reality is priceless.

Outside of work, Michael enjoys playing soccer, reading and catching up with friends.


Building Designer | Partner

With his vast experience gained in the architecture & building design industry, and having previously worked in award winning firms in Brisbane over the past decade and is always up for new, interesting yet challenging projects.  Haydn has worked on small and large-scale projects throughout QLD. With a deep appreciation for traditional Queensland architecture, his knack for balancing traditional and modern design elements is quite unique, Haydn has been involved with and led some truly remarkable projects.

Outside of work, Haydn enjoys camping, travelling, and has visited about 30 different countries so far, always looking for the next adventure.

Designer Draftsman | BArch
Adam began his employment with MR Designs and Drafting in 2017 after graduating from QUT with a Bachelor of Architecture. Since starting at MR Designs, Adam’s enthusiasm in the office has been infectious - his eagerness to learn and work on various architectural programs, couples with his innate understanding of documentation and administrative needs are a welcome addition to the team.

During Adam’s employment he has taken on many projects, having successfully designed, documented and managed several residential projects, with the attitude no job is too big, or too small… Adam’s passion for architecture stems from his desire to leave his mark on the city and he flourishes from the everyday challenges that projects bring.

Away from work Adam is a keen cricket player and tends to spend his weeknights catching up on the latest TV series on Netflix.
Designer Draftsman | BArch
Anush has extensive experience in several areas of design and architecture. Before working for MR Designs & Drafting, Anush focused mainly on education and communal architecture, however, since starting at MR, he has worked intimately on residential architecture, particularly focusing on Queenslander designs.

Anush takes his inspiration for architecture from art and creativity. He loves the idea of being able to dwell within a space that you have created from scratch; it’s like living in your own art. Outside of work you’ll find Anush drawing, listening to music, or practicing his photography and graphic design.
Designer Draftsman | Diploma Of Building Design
Thomas’s passion for design started when he was young through his love for origami which evolved into creating models of buildings. After completing his Diploma of Building Design at Southbank Tafe, he joined the MR team and has strived in learning more about his interest in residential architecture.
His most enjoyed part of working within the design industry is the creativity and peaceful downtime when drafting and designing. Outside of work, he enjoys fitness, martial arts, acrobatics and photography.


Interior Designer / Draftsman

Anneka joined the MR team after years of Interior Design study and graduating from UQ with a Bachelor of Architectural Design. Her experience in the real world ranges broadly from working within an architectural firm, to working with accessible home modifications, and even through her previous role as an occupational therapist.

The ability to create aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces for people to live their lives in is what inspired Anneka to study Architecture, and now the opportunity for variety and creativity that every new project provides is what keeps her heavily interested in the design industry.

Her passion is in residential architecture just like her colleagues at MR Designs. Within the MR team, Anneka will be sharpening her skills in both interior design and building design for residential design. Outside of work, she is interested in theatre, movies, reading and spending time with family.

Designer Draftsman / Diploma Building Design
Matt's passion for architecture came from his travels experiencing different cultures overseas, aswell as his love for lego as a child which drew him to drawing and construction. Matt recently completed his Diploma of Building Design at Southbank Tafe and then joined the MR team shortly after.

He has a strong passion for residential architecture just like the MR team around him. Into the near future Matt plans to enhance his knowledge of residential building design and construction. Outside of work, Matt enjoys hiking, the gym and travelling the world.
Designer Draftsman / Diploma Building Design

Jordan graduated with a Diploma Of Building Design. He undertook a small period of work experience with BVN Architecture and only recently started in the industry. He has had a passion for designing since he graduated school and has been growing his portfolio since then. Jordan joined the MR Building Design team after completing his studies and travelling Europe for nine months; working overseas and exploring many different cultures. He was very eager to get into the industry and design beautiful buildings for MR Designs and their clients.

Jordan’s initial interest in this field was inspired by the satisfaction of seeing the end product from designing on the drawing board to the built form, and also travelling and seeing different cultures in architecture - seeing how different and diverse the industry can be! Having the ability to design and create, seeing finished products and the rewarding feeling of designing for clients. Jordan specialises in residential and multi residential (new builds and renovations). Jordan enjoys working throughout the week and likes to find himself at the beach along the coastline with friends and family on a weekend - he also enjoys snowboarding, weekend surf trips, and has a strong passion for music!


Ryan Grose was a co-founding partner of MR Design and brought more than 13 years experience in residential building design to the team. Ryan worked in established design firms across all project types, but specialised in townhouses and multiple dwellings, new home designs and Queenslander renovations, bringing his distinct flair to every project.

Design was always a strong passion for Ryan, which developed into a passion and profession – a natural progression and a perfect fit to pursue building design as a career. Ryan loved the idea that he could create spaces or designs that would be enjoyed by somebody or a family for decades. He was continually inspired by the evolution of the industry that allows designers to create beautiful pieces of livable art, where one is only limited by their creativity.

Sadly in 2019 Ryan passed away in his long battle with cancer. His memory and legacy will always live on at MR Designs and the MR team will forever be grateful for all Ryan taught us.